I'm spanked by my boyfriend

Whenever I'm snappy or something like that, I have to take off my panties, and jeans.
The worst was when I was snappy around his friends, his friends are really into s**-stuff and he let them rub my butt, and then hit it with the paddle.
So basically, I was very rude that day so my boyfriend, announced to his friends they would get to paddle me.
I took off my jeans and panties and first I went on on my boyfriends lap first. He hit hard with the paddle, and I started to cry, begging like a little girl.
"Go." Was all he said when he was done and I lowered myself shamefully into another lap.
After howling and pain, I was forced to apologize to them all then let them get a VERY hard hit on my thigh as I stood in the corner.
Finally, my last punishment.
I was forced to say 'I've been a bad girl. Spank me harder, please." Every time someone spanked me. They got in a line, taking turns with the paddle, belt, hairbrush or cane.
Finally, I stood in the corner displaying my butt, and had them laugh at me. I pulled my jeans back up and they landed the last hit with a paddle.

Jan 27, 2017

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  • Wishful thinking on your part. If you want your fantasy to cone true, make it a reality. But ensure you get the consent of your partner first, before carrying out this paddling kink. I don't condone anyone exact control and overpower anyone by taking their choice away from them.

  • Cone?

  • Obviously, it's a spelling error lol 😁 Have you never made any spelling mishaps

  • Never

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