South African tribal villages

Last year I went to Cape Town South Africa and did a photo documentary on the small tribal villages and the third village the group was suppose to go to somehow I got separated and ended up going by myself.

I stand a short 5 foot even weigh just 94 lbs, long natural blond hair just below my butt almost perfect measurements 22 years old and within the first 20 minutes taking pictures of the huts and the people around about 7 of the tribal members began dancing around me putting their hands on me, stroking my hair pulling it down and for I had it up in a bun beneath my hat and before long they were groping me and there is no other way to put it.
Perhaps 10 minutes into the ordeal they stripped me of my clothes and I felt they were worshiping me for a sexual goddess or something for that's they way they were acting. I fought to keep my clothes but to many of them it was useless and I was a whole lot smaller than any of them.
I was led to a slab bench layed down and tied to it and the guys were still dancing around me circling me rubbing their genitals along my body over my b****** down along my torso , my thighs all the way to my feet and up the other side of me and yes I started in getting aroused by it all.

I was given something to drink and before long my whole body was a raging inferno with l*** and the first c*** that touched my lips I drew into my mouth and began sucking him, by now there must have been the whole tribe circling me groping my b****** pulling at my nipples and patting my puss and I got hotter and hotter as time went by.

Before long the first guy mounted me and he was muttering something I looked down and what I saw actually scared me quite a bit but I was unable to say anything for all I wanted was his big c*** in me deep as he shoved more and more into me. It took no more than just a few moments and he shot his load into me, he layed there for a minute and he was replaced by another and another and so on until everyone had their turn with me and that went on for three days and nights.

Some say it was my hair that set them off others say it was the way I looked but either way I got f***** by I would say 30 or more big blacks and when I say big I don't mean tall, for I swear every one had at least 10 inches or more and some were a lot bigger than that.

For four days c** flowed from me and I was so sore I could hardly stand let alone walk. My b****** were bruised from them sucking on my nipples and my puss was bruised even more than my b******. No one tried to do me a*** thank god for that and no one really tried to ram their c*** down my throat.

After three weeks and my body healed I think back on it all and a few asked if I enjoyed it , I look at them and just ask would you and leave it at that. Thinking back the first few was delightful but then it got out of hand and they took me over and over and there was just to many of them for it to feel good and I was so out of it I couldn't feel much of anything.

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  • No one is 10inches these black dudes in SA average like 6

  • L**** the only tribes in cape town are skinny Afrikaners and like there's probably only 30men left in that tribe. Honestly at least do some research no one in Capetown is dark they caramel at best at leader do your f****** research and stop slinging mud at my country we've got enough true s*** going around.

  • I just came on my keyboard. ~~~~`~~`~~~

  • Sure you did lol

  • Yeah, I call Bullshit

  • I second that, as well!

  • I'm pretty sure I watched this p**** back in the eighties.

  • I stopped reading a few paragraphs in, when the ambiguity as to whether you wrote this from a female or male perspective became too silly to take.

  • Lol I agree

  • Unlikely

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