Naughty neighbor

I don't know why I went to his house last night maybe I thought I was just going for a quickie, but ended up staying all night till 10 this morning and I am worn out.
Mom and dad are away for the whole week end fact is they wont be back till the wee hours Tuesday morning and Bruce (Neighbor) is planning a party for me tonight , Saturday and all day Sunday looks as if I am going to get a work out again. Last night how ever it all just started with Bruce and I but ended up Bruce calling some friends of his cuz I was to much for him alone, after the third time he decided to make the call and I went along with it.
Never had 5 guys all on me at the same time taking the hole they wanted and c****** to their hearts content. Still if I push I can push c** out of me for no one used any kind of a rubber two used c*** rings but that's all and they were the lousiest lay to boot, After thy shot their load in me they went about half soft but they still tried to get it up again but failed but 2 guys both Hispanic and they had the biggest c**** of the bunch both over 8 one f***** thick which hurt my ass a bit till I got loosened up a bit then they gave me a good f******. I must have c** I bet 50 times it got to the point it was almost a continuous o***** and I was out of control digging, biting, scratching and all it did was make them f*** me harder and that made it even more erotic. Finally about 1 this morning I got out of bed, took a shower and Bruce joined me that's when I found out about the party tonight and the next three days.
BUT the part that made me sore is when I got talked into taking Tuka, Hose's Rotty and he didn't need any encouragement at all once he took a good sniff between my legs he wanted my puss in the worst way and wouldn't leave me alone till he got me and got me good he did. All the guys was encouraging him on and me and I really don't know what I was getting into but he needed a bit of guidance to get into my puss and once he did he went right after me like the animal he is and then he swelled up a bit slowed way down and shoved all of him deep into me and he swelled up, just holding himself still but I could feel him filling me with his hot c** and his c*** continued to grow and get harder all the time. God I thought to bad men are not like this as he stilled remained still but filling me more and more with his sperm.
About 50 minutes later he turned around then he drug me across the floor trying to pull out of me but he was way to big to do that, I kept hold of his hind legs trying to hold him in me for I just had a hunch if he did pull from me I'd get hurt so I hung onto him for another 15 minutes and then with a big plop he pulled free and I saw the size of his knot as Larry called it and it was like 2 oranges side by side and his 9 inch c*** all red and purple still squirting c** and his c** flowed from me soaking the rug and pillow, he went off into the corner and layed down still panting up a storm cleaning himself and I felt empty and three of the guys left right after that. For the next hour I layed there my puss constricting on nothing but I couldn't stop it from doing it's thing. It was like I was f****** an imaginary c*** and even c****** on it over and over, I couldn't control myself and I fell asleep. It was nice Bruce and the other 2 let me lay there for I needed the rest after all the f****** I had gotten. When I awoke it was because of Tuka eating me out and he must have been at me for awhile cuz I was soaked and he was slipping his toung deep into my puss and his rough toung was making me a bit sore.

Nov 6, 2015

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  • What an exciting time. Hope the next time is even better, if thats possible! Congrats.

  • Omg u r very strong girl!!!! I want expirience it once five men in meee

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