Guilt over food

I suffer a guilt about surviving illness and the food I eat. I feel guilty eating most meals. I feel like all I eat is bad and fattening even if it is not. I feel bad if I have snacks even if meals have been all day diet shakes or salad and if I snack on crackers and cheese or yoghurt or anything really. a mouth full of egg brings on massive guilt and so does indulgences like cake or cookies or sweets of any kind. I feel a deep self-hate with food and I hate eating with people who are sloppy eaters. I feel disgusted by old people's smelly skin and breath and cloudy tongues and how their mouths look gross. it literally turns me off food as much as messy children eating into piggish foods like sweets and their terrible eating habits. It would be nice to dine with someone who eats with class but more than not I eat alone deliberately unless out at functions and luncheons which I enjoy but never overeat when out as I appreciate the presentation of the food deeply as satisfying as well as atmosphere over being around the trolls I am around most of the time.

Feb 3, 2017

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  • All I'm reading here is "wahh wahh wahh, me me me." Take a Midol and get over yourself!

  • You have issues

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