CT and MRI scanners terrify me. The idea of being inside that little tube is unbearable.

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  • Just FYI . . . lots of places now have open MRI devices, so you aren't enclosed. Ask around and see if there is one available on your insurance plan. Don't feel like you are asking for a favor or any special treatment (no pun intended), because if you're fidgety inside, you may have to do it over, and neither the techs nor the insurers want that.

  • True that's a good call. Is there something similar for CT?

  • Yep, and it's even less confining. It's a giant donut that slides along a hard flat bed that you lay on, and you aren't ever completely enclosed. It's not comfortable, not by a long shot, but it doesn't put you inside a tube.

  • That doesn't sound so bad.

  • I would be more scared of what the potential issue is rather that the diagnostic tool. It's just like flying honey close your eyes and once your in the air it's smooth sailing. It can't hurt you.

  • I know it can't hurt me, but for some reason it just still scares me. Maybe a potential issue is really what I'm scared of and I'm just transferring that fear to the machine because it is something physical that I can see and touch.

  • It's a very common fear, which is why open MRIs are now a thing. Don't be ashamed, and tell "honey" above to stuff their condescension up a small tight hole.

  • What should scare you is doctors not figuring out what issue you have

  • That too. The machines themselves are still scary though.

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