I really hate children and babies. I think they're so f****** ugly, and kids are unbearable to be around. Kids are so dumb. I'm never having children, my family can suck it if they think they're entitled to getting grandbabies from me.

Every time I see a family with a kid when I'm at work, I ignore the kid. I don't care if it bothers the mommy. Mommies always think they deserve attention for having offspring. They don't. If I never see a gross, s*******, snotting, slobbering, screaming infant again it will be too soon.

I also think less of people who decide to have kids. I mean, it's their life. But it's a stupid idea and a huge waste of money and it ruins your life forever. All for some silly idea that the kid will like you. It won't. It will demand and resent what you don't give it and hate you if you don't do what it wants. While wrecking your body and your house and your money. Have fun with that.

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  • You obviously feel very strongly that you don't want children! Not every-one wants kids Each to their own ! You need a friend you can talk to who wont judge you but just listen. I don't like little kids with snotty noses ,but every-one of them goes through that stage. Don't ever have a child if you don't want one, you will be miserable and so will the child. You are doing the right thing for you , and that is important <3

  • Why don't you go hide the f****** pickle in the hair sandwich,you f****** c** dumpster.

  • You smoked it all, didn't you?

  • You were a kid once, and if you really hate children this much, you may as well just kill yourself.

  • I was a kid once, so therefore I'm entitled to love children? That sure is an original, yet nonsensical statement. Please explain how this makes sense.

  • Someday i will have children,but they will never be the children that you grew up with.rather they will go to a good christian school.they will have a good happy life.they will always have a real good father.they will grow up with a good education.i will nver make them do anything that they don't want to do.

  • "a good christian school" ugh. christianity is a wicked, hateful, shame and fear-based religion. do NOT send your kids to a christian school EVER!

  • Are one of those weirdo "childfree" people I've heard about?

  • the only thing worse than kids is adults.

  • At least adults can control their bowels, and usually their mouths. Right? :P

  • I think your decision to NOT have children is a wise one.......holy shnikes!

  • It's smarter for most people to not have children. It's one of those things that "isn't for everyone" and yet everyone does it. Most of the time it turns out really shittily for everyone involved. And yet we are all pressured to "start a family" as if it's the best idea ever. Sigh!

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