I can’t stand my 10 year old stepson

I really can’t stand my 10 year old step son. I’ve know him since he was 4 and I had hoped I would learn to at least like him, but nope! He’s just so weird! His behaviors are bizarre and he acts like he’s in kindergarten. He has no friends due to very poor social skills. And he constantly gets in trouble at school. His constant need more attention is unbearable. He requires more attention than my 5 month old! He sees a psychiatrist and is medicated and he’s still almost unbearable to be around. I’ve tried so hard to like him and do things for him, to make him happy and be there for him. I’ve tried being the best step mom I could be. I’ve done way more for him than his own mother and even my husband. But I just dread when he comes over...thank god he only comes every other weekend! That felt really good to get to vent!

Nov 1, 2018

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  • Give him a sound spanking

  • Is he with you now?

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