it is all about love. how could it not be ? if it wasn't we would be made all the same right ? all of our flaws and assets fit perfectly with someone else. it's up to you to look for it, realize it, and hold onto it. if you're too jaded to think otherwise then i feel sorry for you, the monotony of your life alone will be unbearable.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • i'm not trying to be the world's problem solver a******. it just makes me sad that so many people are selling themselves short and that love isn't as important anymore. that's all i was tryna say.

  • ^Wow you are deep, I can't believe how amazing you are! We should appoint your sorry ass world problem solver! Just saying out loud what most people know anyway, well that doesn't make you anything special.

  • first commenter, you're an idiot. where did i say i was even in a relationship ? just because i believe in love doesn't mean i have it right now. second commenter, this is very true. too many people are settling for less because they're afraid to wait or that the right person will never come along. why does everyone think the divorce rate is so high ? it's not because love doesn't exist, it's because people are forgetting to believe in it and settling for the wrong person.

  • Ahhh, but not quite as unbearable as that of someone who settles for what they can get!

  • Yes, because forcing yourself to try to have some kind of feelings for someone you really don't like, well that won't get old fast.
    I hope you can keep yourself deluded into thinking this person is right for you, because you're making your own relationship sound magical!

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