So my husband and I met in college and fell in love right away, We were both head over heels for each other and after only a year got married, We agree on everything and from day one neither of us has ever had to be embarrassed or shy to bring up a new idea for spicing things up, We have been together almost 20 years and I am not going to say that I am in any way innocent, we have indulged in the odd threesome, I mean the odd one, 15 years and 8 times we have invited someone to join us.
I like to think I am a good looking woman and I work hard to keep myself in shape, I work out and try to eat healthy, My husband always tells me I look better than most girls half my age and I love him for saying it, I know that I attract attention and get hit on a lot so I must look alright.
In august my sister got married, She was an oops baby almost a full 13 years behind me, Not expected at all but a welcome surprise, We attended the wedding of course and it was wonderful, She looked beautiful and everything was perfect, Mid way through the reception my sister and her new husband made their departure and we continued to party.
Things were kind of winding down and we decided to head back to the room, We met up with a guy on the way and talked while we walked back to our hotel a block away, He said he was staying at our hotel as well and got on the elevator with us, I had noticed him at the wedding and as we rode the elevator he was obviously having trouble keeping his eyes off my chest in the mirror, He told me his name was Dillon but I had met a lot of people there I didn't know and they were all kind of blending together and to be honest I wasn't really thinking about who he was at the moment.
As we reached our floor my husband nudged me and nodded toward him, I didn't even flinch and asked if he wanted to come to our room for a drink, He smiled and happily agreed to join us, My husband opened the door and I walked in, with the I barley heard the door close, Spun around and kissed Dillon, I led him to the bed and stripped him down and we had a great time, My husband chose to watch in the beginning as I gave him head but couldn't hold out long and soon all three of us were getting it on.
My husband finished first then sat in the chair and watched as I got Dillon off then let him just kiss and lick his way around my body until he was able to get it up one more time and he pounded me so hard, He really gave it all he had and finally I got off and he puled out so I let him finish in my mouth.
We were laying there breathing heavy, Covered in sweat and he finally said "I have stared at pictures of you for years...Litterally years and never thought I would ever have the chance to see your b****, I mean I seen your sisters one time but yours are way bigger", I looked at my husband and then at Dillon and said "What?", He said "Your sister has pictures of you all over her house, When her and my brother started dating I actually asked her who the hottie in all the pictures was", Then it clued in, My heart stopped.
I just f***** my sisters new husbands 20 year old baby brother, I buried my face in my hands and all I could say was "Oh god", My husband was dumbfounded and his eyes looked like they were going to pop out of his head, After letting the information sink in my husband laid down the law, He told him that under no circumstances could he EVER tell anyone what had happened and what he would do to him if he did.
I quickly ushered him out the door but at the door he stopped turned to face me and assured me he would never say anything, He put his hand on my arm then somehow slipped it into my housecoat grabbing one last feel of my b***, I pushed his hand away and said "Really?...No" and sent him away.
I have been able to avoid visiting her when he was there since but I am not going to be able to forever.

Feb 24, 2017

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  • No big deal, every woman on this planets has at least one situation that if public would make them uncomfortable. As long as no one knows, who cares?

  • Just f*** him again and enjoy it

  • The brother of your sister's husband, right? Why is this such a big deal, then?

  • It's not real

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