My Girlfriend Sitting on ME

Dear Readers thanks for reading,

Friends in my 30 years of life I have had almost 40 to 55 Females on my or me on their top. You don't believe me, if I say? out of 100% I found 95% of them like all this. And by the way All of them are like us, they want us to crush their Soft Belly by Sitting and standing on them, as well as we do.

This funny Story is about one of my Girlfriend's.
One day after a hard soccer match I returned home in evening time, although we didn't win the match and I got hurt on my leg also. When I came home I saw Her, so after taking a bath I called Her inside my room and asked Her to press my Legs.

She started pressing my Legs and I got few relief from my Pain.
Although She were my Gf only 7 days has gone, so it was 8th day when She gave a good massage.

After 2 day, in an afternoon suddenly She came to my house for some reason may be. And She found me, SITTING MY FULL WEIGHT ON MY AUNTS BIG HUGE STOMACH.
The She went away, and one day She called me outside for some walk.

Then after few walks She asked me

SHE: would you like Me to Sit on your Belly, Yes Dear?

ME: bUt? Y?? !

Then She pushed me on the grass and She SAT ON MY CHEST, then She Laughed and said to mE

SHE: I know you want opposite of this, and I'll allow it too. But let have some fun in open air by squishing you.

I pushed Her up and walked away from there, because people were watching me, being Sat on by a Girl. And I replied Her,

ME: come home or I'm going !!!

After few day She came, when nobody was in my house. I told her,

ME: do you mean I will Sit on you and there is restriction on this Matter.?? yes?? say??


Actually She was taller than me, and Her weight at that time was may be 50 or little bit more. But She was THIN GIRL.

Please Comment and Share your experience too

Feb 27, 2017

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