Friends wife

I was introduced to my wife's friend Iris weeks after me and my wife first met. Her friend is total knockout who turns head no matter where she goes. My wife used to tell things about how her friend would sometimes go out and every once in a while have a few one nighters that I never imagined she would do. Even though she is married she would tell my wife her and her husband were having problems. My wife later told me she thinks that was just a way for her to go out and have some fun if her own. Knowing this has me so excited whenever I see her. I've gotten to where I almost can't speak or look at her .Her friend has even told my wife this last time her husband caught her giving oral to a guy she met at a club in her car. Dragged the guy to the ground but today they are still together. When she spoke to my wife on why she did it, she said something to the affect she has a thing for giving oral. She said she loves her hubby and we all know she wouldn't ever leave him. Just the thought of what I know about her has me so fascinated with her. Almost like I wish I got the chance to experience her. I know it's wrong but I know other guys might feel the same

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