Wanna hear a secret?

I'm a highly functional junkie. Opiates 24/7. I am in so much pain that my cocktail consists of waking up and taking Morphine, a 12 hour release. Then during the day I will take fast acting dilaudid, 2 or 3 it really depends. The thing that you don't know that makes me constantly in some form of 'highness' is a fentanyl patch that needs to be changed every 72 hours, 3 days. I am in so much pain that I need this just to get thru the day, not pain free but manageable. I had forgotten to take change my patch and at 330 AM, from a dead sleep, I start withdrawals and it leaves me fumbling around my room looking for some relief, a new patch and 3 dilaudid to even me out. When I go to the gym in a few hours, my co-workers will see the patch and ask me how long has it been since I had a cigarette. I'll lie and say 5 years, even though I have not smoked in a day of my life. Living the life...or is it lie?

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  • I call bullshit. Doctors have become so frightened of opiates that the most they'll give you, even at prompt care, is an Advil.

    In order for you to have at least three heavy-hitting opiates so readily to hand means you're playing several different doctors, and doing it well. That's only if you're telling the truth, which I don't believe.

    Nice attempt at attention wh0ring. It might've flown 10 or 15 years ago, but not these days. Thanks for playing!

  • You cam call all the BS that you want but it's true, at the time. I was on all of that until last week until my doctor to one away. AND it was 10 years ago when I started this.

  • Then use the past tense instead of the present tense, ATTENTION WH0RE

  • Born with sickle cell anemia. joints are deteriorating and organs are having issues as well. Not complaining about getting a bum wrap, I knew this was going to happen but damn. This hurts. In a few hours it will be a new day and I am going to admit myself into the hospital to get some relief, hopefully.

  • Why are you in so much pain?

  • Funny how he never responded to that...

  • Lie

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