I Hate This Feeling

I hurt all the time. All day and all night Im in pain. Its deep, sharp, and unending. Eating away what little remains , leaving me empty. In the morning, I push through it and grind through the work. The only thing keeping me from losing myself is fighting through the pain and to keep moving forward. But in the night I feel everything, clawing in, sharper, and deeper. I drag to a stop and lay wake at night and hope the pain will soften, just enough for me to sleep. Then do it again in the morning. Going on everyday, never changing. I hate this feeling, having to force myself through it. I hate making myself work when I'm in pain. Who am I doing this for, what do I get out of This? Just more pain, and hope for it to end. But I must go on, if for nothing else, for providing for my family , the ones I love. And so I push on and keep moving forward. Hoping that some day they can help me push though it.

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  • I feel the same way, honesty what we have to do is start making money then take things from there. Or what makes you happy?

  • Kill yourself. You won't be in pain.

  • I could have written this post word for word. I feel your pain. Stay strong

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