I'm in love with an old girlfriend

My girlfriend of 30 years ago came back into my life after I divorced. She's married and not very content at home being he's a loser. She called me and wanted to come by the following night, a little out of the ordinary for her. She came over and all she wanted to do was f***, she was forcing me to take her to my room. After a few "are you sure" 's I took her to my room and it happened, all of it and a little more than I ever did or had. It was very intense for both of us, we fell asleep. At 2 am I hear her cell phone ringing, I get her phone, it's her husband. She slept right thru it so when it rang again I woke her up. Well she got busted, he knew she was cheating but not with who. Oh don't worry she said, it's the icing on the cake for me. I had to do this for me but I have to go, one of us is leaving today, and it's not me she said. I needed this to get it over with in my head. She threw the guy out, she comes over a lot and we go out together all the time, I can't get enough of her I think I love her.

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  • My wife would wear nylon shorts with no underwear and wear them like that for like 3 days straight. Right before she went to a store I would always f*** her from behind by just pulling the shorts aside, which was easy as the c*** would be mostly hanging out of them anyway, and she never dried her p****, so all the c** would drip into the crotch or down her legs when she went out. By the 3rd day they were not covering her hairy c*** at all as they stayed stained and smelly and were stuck up in her c*** instead of covering it. She would go to the store like that and loved when she bent over and someone would see it all from behind.
    My wife also came to our office and I could smell her scent more than normal. She never wears panties but this day she had her usual mini skirt but she had her period so she had a tampon in her. Her c*** hairs sometimes show if the skirt is really short, but the tampon string was also showing and her usual c*** smell was a bit more powerful. I told her she shouldn't walk around in public like that, but she did it anyway.

  • Dude! That worn out p**** is not worth it! Get your d*** out of your heart! If she was cheating with you, she'll cheat on you! Don't think you're special!

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