I hate them. I'm not racist

Jul 16, 2020

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  • Maybe you don't really know them.

    I admire them. I love how the Israelis defend themselves. They are tough!

    I admire how they know who they are. I admire how hard they work. I admire how they bounce back from oppression.

    I kind of wish I were Jewish. Instead I am boring old germanic Christian heritage.

  • Have you ever asked yourself, "Why?". The comment below: Well they did kill Jesus Christ. ... is not a good reason because the Jews today were not the same people then. If your great great great grandfather killed someone would that be a valid reason for someone to hate you? By the way, the Romans killed him.
    The Jews couldn't do any capital punishment on their own then.
    (By the way, I'm not a Jew.)

  • Well they did kill Jesus Christ

  • How are you NOT racist?

  • Well they did kill Jesus Christ.

  • You hate them your problem deal with it why d fork we care

  • "Not racist"? I'm afraid you're only fooling yourself . . . . . . . . . if that. But if racist thoughts or ideas do bother you, then go to work on those feelings in your life. People can can change. You can change. But the fist step is to engage in an honest self-assessment of what you believe. You do NOT need to admit to anyone else that you have what society might consider to be unacceptable or unpopular. Impulses. But you do have to admit it to yourself. Honesty is not just the best policy in these things: it's really the ONLY policy. You will not rid yourself of prejudice if you believe you don't harbor any. It will not happen overnight. Most biases are the product of a lifetime of internally repeated ideas, so it will take time to purge them. Nearly every human being has some form of prejudice, though few will admit it, even to themselves. If you want my two cents, try this first. Eliminate the word "hate" from your vocabulary. Stop using it altogether, but especially when it comes to a person or group of people. If you stop saying it, you may find that you no longer "hate" anyone or anything. It'll be a start.

  • Eliminating "hate" from your lexicon is a good suggestion, but I would recommend going even a step further and replace the word"hate" in your utterances and expressions with the word "love. Do it every time. I'm not saying you should start saying you love Brussel sprouts if you can't stand them and don't eat them, or that you love the Cowboys if you are, in fact, a big NY Giants fan, but when it comes to people or individuals, even in silent thought, start telling yourself how much you "love" that person or those people. Thought becomes father to fact. With so much"love" in your language and your life, you will find that you are not only a happier person, but a better one. God bless!

  • True. Hate is not a constructive emotion. It is destructive. It is, in fact, most destructive TO YOU.

    God loves you, and I pray that he will bless and guide you, and grant you his wisdom, guidance, strength and peace. Be well, my brother/sister.

  • Yes, oh righteous one! Lets all <3 because it is the right thing to do! Get out of here! Who would want to be slapped in the face time and time again and keep loving them for their dishonesty and deceitful ways. You have got to be kidding me! God was human, also. I'm sure in his mind he would of loved to get even with those who betrayed him. There is no mention of this in the bible.

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