What should I do?

Well for starters I'll explain my situation... So I'm 17 and I think I'm falling in love with someone 11 years older than me.. There's this music program after school on Wednesday and whomsoever chooses to go has a choice of learning drums, bass, or guitar and so I chose drums because all my life ive wanted to learn drums... So there's about 6 or 7 people that attend and usually it's me and someone else learning the drums across the hall from where people are learning the guitar... But the drum teacher... Holy s***.. He is my idealistic guy. He is perfect for me and all my friends say so as well... But the thing is he's 28.... And we hit it off so well and we just flow together... I like to think that if I was older that he would fall in love with me but he won't allow himself because of the significant age difference. Idk I just want advice... Just to fell hear I suppose...

May 23, 2012

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  • Don't let the age difference deter you. And don't let it deter him either. There seems to be a sort of nature at work in the way the relationship has developed so far, so let it continue to develop. Do whatever you can do just to be around him and show him how smart and mature and talented you are. And how sexy you are. Go talk to whoever the head of the school is and tell him you'd like to work there, or intern there. Straighten up the studios, do filing in the music library, arrange the CD-DVD collection, run errands, anything: just get yourself in the same space where your man is and make sure he knows you are there. Talk to him, smile at him, bring him his lunch, flirt with him. Mostly, flirt with him. And any time he talks about your age, tell him you don't feel young, and you don't like dating young guys: you prefer guys who are like, oh 28. :) Tell him, anytime the opportunity presents itself, "I hate 'boys' and what idiots they are. The ONLY good thing about boys is that some of them become men . . . and I really LOVE men." Don't give him an excuse to not think of you as a woman, because that's exactly what you are. Think of him as already being your man, and be confident that he is. Don't let him get away.

  • yes and whenever youre going to be around him always dress as sexy as you can get rid of bra and panty totaly make yourself as sexy to look at as posible you go!

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