He almost took away my virginity

When i was 11 (13 now) i had my first boy friend. His name will be Billy in this story.Billy had liked me for YEARS. And i liked him only for months. We had a great relationship at the beginning. We hung out mostly at the park since my parents didn't know. Well one day no one was home. And Billy came over. I was with my dog Halo when he knocked at the door. When i opened it Lance rushed in. He has a weird look on his face. I told him to get out and that my parents would be home soon. He glared at me as he started to walk around. I closed the door and started screaming at him. I didn't want anyone to come home. But he said he wanted to meet my mom. As i bit my lip i agree to let him stay for a little so he could meet my mom. Some time passed and no one came home. As we sat in the living room Billy started stoking my leg. I felt super uncomfortable. We had only been dating for at least a month or 2. I told him to stop as he went in for a kiss. He started complaining about how we never kissed before. I told him that i wasn't in the mood. He them started to kiss my neck. Me being scared i pushed him away and i stood up. He stood up as well. He looked super angry. I think it's time you leave! i yelled to him. He pushed me onto my couch and pinned me there. He sat on top of me. My dog isn't very friendly so she has just been watching us slightly growling. As Billy started to reach for my shorts i screamed. This triggered for my dog to jump into action. She ran to us super quick for a small dog. As Billy tried to take off my shorts Halo attacked him. Biting him and barking. I quickly stoos up and grabbed the knife that had been on the table. I screamed at him ten he ran away. I haven't seen him since!

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  • Well, if this is true and not fictitious, your "now ex" boyfriend would've sexually assaulted you, if your dog didn't take action. Don't proceed with this relationship, if you haven't ended it already. "No" means "no"

  • So, is his name Billy? Or Lance? At least try to remember the name of your character when you write storys.

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