Girl beat me up

Even worse.. My crush. Who is my sisters friend. Pretty bad. So I plucked up the courage to ask her out, which took me months. She was in the year above and we we recently had gotten to like each other, although she only liked me as a friend I know now. So I asked her out and she was beside two of her friends. What does she do? Spits on my face. I wipe it off and loon at her and her friends started laughing and then she slapped me. When she slapped me loads of people crowded around. She felt like she was in the spotlight, so she called me a perv and slapped me 4 more times. People got their phone out, knowing this would go far around the school she started kicking me and hitting me. I tried blocking but two guys held my arms back so every kick and punch she threw landed. After about a minute she started focusing on kicking my d***. After like 10 kicks someone held her back and it all got split up, accept for the two guys holding me back banged my head of a pole and threw me to the floor. Yeah that was really embarrassing

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  • Bad situation, but you got good information. Now you know exactly what kind of person your crush is - a horrible one. Avoid them ! If only every a****** in life was so easy to identify.

  • You can do better. Love has to go both ways. Sounds like she has issues beyond what you did. Don't be afraid to ask the next girl out, they aren't all like that. She's the one who messed up and lost a friend. You just found out how crazy she is without wasting your time.

  • ^well said^

  • She's not a girl, she's a douche

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