Gay concreting

A few years back i was fooling around with my gay lover reinhold. we mixed a batch of concrete and i reclined on the table with my feet up on the wall. reinhold then placed a funnel in my r***** and poured in the mixture.

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  • Fake

    I read the real story of this years ago.
    The f** who did it died.

  • I was certain that you meant for the caption to say "Gay concerting", until I read what you actually wrote. So, no music then. Hmm. Okay, well . . . to each his own, I guess. I would totally let my boyfriend fill my ass with c**, but the only things I want getting harder inside my ass are c****. And the more, the merrier. With or without music, and whether or not we're at a concert. C****, c****, c****, c****, C****! :)

  • I think maybe you were sleeping

  • ^ totally!!! ^

  • You are a very sick f***.

  • Relax. You aren't actually gay. Gay men aren't this stupid.

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