One of my co-worker has small marks all over her arms, and feet. The very first time I noticed which was last week, I'm assuming either she's been abused, depressed, and/or has been cutting herself. She once got angry at me for one of my mistakes and she was also taking out her anger indirectly. I kept quite, didn't make a big deal and let it go. I don't know her story. She is also pregnant, so my reaction towards her anger would've affected her baby. I have no intentions of doing any wrong to anyone.

Essentially, while she was angry at me for my mistake all I was thinking about was about her scars, her baby, and her unknown life story.

May 28, 2017

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  • You are very insightful. Very much so. And very strong. And I think you handled a potentially explosive situation with great diplomacy. From here? Of course, maintain your exceptional poise and tact, but also make yourself available to her during her difficulty. Be the non-judgmental space you already are, make yourself a sounding board, and be willing to do what you already do in your life as a whole: listen. She may just need a calm space, a place to talk, a way to vent a bit. Hopefully, she doesn't need an intervention or emergency assistance, but if she needs help (to understand that she's being abused, or that she's a danger to herself or her baby, just for random examples), be prepared to direct her to that help, or encourage her to seek it. You're a great friend, even though she may not be. Keep being yourself. And thank you.

  • Yes I understand. Thank you for your wise advice. In fact, after that day I can tell she's been enjoying working with me. She's been open minded and more. I can tell she trusts me.

  • EXCELLENT! And well done! Keep up the good work. It's inspiring to know that there are people like you in the world.

  • Thank you and I'm finally glad to come across someone so sincere like you who appreciate others. Spread the kindness. (:

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