I lied about my father touching me

When I was younger, around 18, I lied about my dad touching me inappropriately. (He didn't touch me inappropriately, he's just very affectionate) I told my mom this and told her not to say anything. I just wanted my dad to let me be free, and I wanted to break them up so badly. Well she told him and it didn't work obvs, and I ended up with a tarnished relationship with my father.. I know he feels awkward about me now. I feel like scum honestly. I'm 22 now and idk how to bring up again or how to talk about it. I told him i think almost 2 years ago, that i was sorry for that, that i didnt know what was going through my head.

idk what to say to him :(!!

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  • Id disown you

  • You f***** up really bad you should get jail time for that s***.....

  • Your relationship with your father is important. At 18, you were old enough to know better but what's done is done. At some point, all the feelings of guilt needs to be reconciled and let go of so you can move on. Apologize again and continue to make amends and put forth some serious effort to rebuild. It's possible. If you don't know how to start the conversation, maybe consider a family counselor and invite both of your parents to work things out. Because regardless of where your dad and your mom stand with one another and with you, this is a broken family that needs healing. Please, do not let more time go by, life is short. Time to repairing this relationship so you guys can move forward to having better times and making some great memories.

  • Accusing someone for something they never did was not right at all. You telling your mom about it was not right at all. You can't expect freedom coming your way when you've guilt tripped yourself in the long run. You have even planted a seed of doubt in your mom's mind against your dad.
    Seriously, how could you?

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