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I've been seeing this lady for 2 months 18 months ago she was seeing someone else now this is none of my business I know , But she told me about it I did not ask she said it was only for a few weeks and nothing really happened between them . So I never gave it any thought it's the past nothing to do with me , Then it came up again I can't remember why then I asked her was he a local guy then just making conversation . She said no she met him on tinder he lived 25 miles away I said that's awkward then , Then she said it was ok he didn't drive so I would drive to him once sometimes twice a week and stay . I said how long did that go on for then she said 6 months , That's when I realized she had changed her story it did not bother me about her past but why lie , When I questioned her on this she said she was protecting me but to me it's a lie . Anyway it got to me thinking somebody who is willing to drive once sometimes twice a week 25 miles putting herself in a vulnerable situation shocked me it was risky . I have my thoughts on this , I would like anybody's opinions on what I've just told you please be honest no matter how brutal why she would have done this at a risk . She doesn't seem the sort to take a risk so why would she have done it the reason please reply I want to understand Thank you .

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  • When I met my girl I couldn’t stop looking at her. She was perfect..brunette ** very well built. We started talking and we were both honest. She said she really thought I was attractive but at the time loved being with me just at the moment didn’t want to get real serious. We talked and met many times before she confessed she had a black lover. It was purely sexual. I pretty came close to begging her to stay with me. One night while drinking she confessed she really liked me just wanted me to understand she was seeing a black guy who was very good in bed. She was glad at being able to tell me it all. Most guys hated knowing she had a thing for black guys. Anyways I knew what she wanted and we had ** but so did she with her black lover.
    She told me he was very very well endowed and she was sort of addicted to the way he pleasured her. She said if I wanted to see her this was how it was going to be for a while. This went on for almost 2 years till one day I got a promotion at another state. Without thinking she would want to leave with me she did. We married and the ** talk about her black lover made ** so intense. It’s been 13 years now

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