Handmaids tale is the way religion really is

I read the book "Handmaids Tale" and it is a story about what would happen if Fundamentalist Christians were in absolute power and if there was a scarcity of fertile women.

Nothing about the book is inaccurate. Hangings for trying to run away. Having s** with someone besides the person they told you you could breed with trying to run away etc.

The men would act the same way and so would the women.

Religion is bad but it could be much worse.

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  • In some places on earth, it's much worse than you've described.

  • Doesn't mean OP doesn't have a point.

  • Your kidding I assume

  • I'm the OP and I'm very very serious.

  • You're mentally disturbed.

  • The recent court ruling in Alabama against abortion was a huge step in the "Handmaid's Tale" direction. Ever notice how bills like that come from the Bible Belt? The American Taliban is thriving and very, very good at staying under the radar until it makes a move. You are blind if you can't see it.

  • You're in denial.

    Read the book OP mentioned and also watch "Red State". If you don't want to believe American fundies are just as bad as any Islamic jihadist, you're either already part of their cult or are too stupid to see what's going on around you.

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