I want a beer gut.

I'm 6' and currently about 190 pounds or so, and because of my type of job I am in extremely good physical shape and health. I basically have the body any other 30 year old man would kill for.

But, I want to get a large, heavy, fat beer gut.

Before I started my current job I was in a more sedentary office position and got my weight up to about 240, and truth be told I miss being heavier.

I enjoyed stuffing myself with large meals and drinking until my stomach was swollen and heavy and I loved the feeling of being heavier and softer, and I miss having my stomach resting on my lap bulged round and fat.

I haven't told my wife that I miss being fatter, not sure how to explain my desire.

I want to get another sedentary job so I can start growing my gut back, and ultimately make it to about 300 pounds with a huge beer gut bulging in front of me

Jul 7, 2017

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  • You are f***** in the head and i doubt that youre in good shape lol

  • If you're happier heavier then do what makes you happy. If your wife didn't mind it when you were 240 don't worry about gaining the weight back.

    I'm a little taller than you, but also heavier, about 230#. My wife likes that I have a belly, and I eat right and exercise (not trying to lose my belly, but because I enjoy activity) and though I'm overweight my health is fine.

    So be happy.

    300 might be a bit much though if you want to stay healthy.

  • Hmm. That desire is a little unusual.

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