I want to get a lot fatter as revenge on my fitness freak family.

I know this might sound weird, as a revenge post, but here it goes. My family does a lot of fat shaming. I’ve been the target of it. They are fitness freaks and I’m not. I’m a bit overweight and am not worried about it, in fact I like my growing beer belly. A few weeks ago I went with a cousin who is in my opinion anorexic to a pool. She saw my chubby gut and was shocked and berated me. I was embarrassed and angry.

I like to eat, and when I travel I love eating out trying everything. I find I have started to like that full, stuffed feeling. I like how my belly is getting bigger and bigger. My plan is to start overeating a lot. I’d like to put on at least 50 lbs this year and the. Another 50 next year. I want to be at least 300 by the summer of 2020, when we have an big family reunion in the works. I want to shock them all by sporting the biggest gut I can. I want to say “yeah, I’m f****** fat, and at least I enjoy my meals.”

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  • Enjoy a cardiac arrest tubby

  • Do it! Get some BOOST VHC. that’ll pack it on real quick. I gained 15lbs In a month drinking 4 of those a day. 2 in the morning and 2 right before bed

  • Thanks for the Boost VHC idea. I have heard about it.

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