I am a man 33 and live in America when I was 12 and in school my sister speed rumors I was gay so in response i punched her in the face and kicked her as she was on the ground. I went to juvenile hall till I was 26. I had a plan to kill my sister but I decided to ruin her life, I found her Facebook account she was slim with blonde hair and green eyes she lived in Philadelphia so I drove down there. When I arrived I bought some rope and went to her house when she opened the door I punched her knocking her out. I put her in the living room and tied her to a chair when she woke up she was crying and asked who I was when I told her she begged me to untie her she'd even give me cash but I refused. I told her my plan to make her fat and unable to walk. She cried even more, when I started feeding her I fed her 1,000 calories a day then moved to 3 then 4 at the end of two months she was pretty fat but could walk I weighed her 287 she used to be a 110 I went over 4,000 calories I guess. After another two months she was obese and needed help to walk but could still get up, when I weighed her it read 369 I wanted her to be at least 600 or 800 pounds. After four months she was at 900 pounds and immobile her "vacation" was over I used her phone to message all her friends she was moving when I left with a smile on my face I said "bye b**** good luck" I ended with a laugh. I kept the door unlocked and bought her a wheelchair and I moved far away from Philadelphia and far away from Pennsylvania but I feel pity for her should I?

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  • Naa, you're good.

  • Another fantasy, this is an ADVICE website, f*** sake. No wonder this site gets S H I T on nobody moderates.

  • What were you feeding her? Chalk?

    Food is expensive, man! We're in a recession. Save your money!

  • How far did you move? Off the planet? You need to come back down to earth and stop submitting bullshit stories. Not only was it bullshit, it was f*** stupid as well.

  • What is with these feed people to get them fat posts? You should feel pit for making up dumb posts...

  • Unnecessary to ruin a hot girls body

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