Very Inappropriate Taboo Chat With My Brother's Daughter

I got home from work sometimes last week and,poured myself a glass of Sangria red wine and got online.I chatted with 3 different women,two of them relatives,and I think my chat was very inappropriate.

I talked to my brother in another country, and he said his daughter,who is in college, needed help with rent for the month. I offered to help. After the conversation,I sent her the money.

Within minutes,she sent me a message on Whatsaapp," Hello sent some money into my account..". So we started chatting. I saw her pic on her profile and asked her if she added weight,she said yes but not much. I told her she was still gorgeous. It was also her birthday,she turned 23. I just love her chest and big booty. I congratulated her for finishing college without getting pregnant.

Later I asked her what bra size and panties she wears. Amazingly she told me. Then I asked her when she lost her virginity,she told me 2 years ago. I asked her if she enjoyed it or did it hurt,she said it hurt a lot.I told her I lost mine at age 18. She said that was too young,and added that she thought men are never virgins.

She said she was very pleased she has been able to stay away from getting pregnant,or getting some sort of STD because most of her classmates did that. I told her I know she is gonna have s** but must use a condom.

I asked her for pics,she sent me 3,with two of them in sleeveless tops showing her big b****,and one in a blue sheer showing her bra. I told her I can see her sexy bra,she wrote back "Haha dadie".

I asked her what kind of panties she likes ..thongs,boy short,briefs..she said thongs. I could imagine her big booty is some sexy thongs.I asked her for thongs she refused to send saying she did not have.

I sent her a birthday card the next morning. When she woke up,she started texting,even sending me a sexually themed chat screen grab that was funny.We chatted for long then she said she is going to church.I asked her to find me a nice church woman to marry and she agreed to look around.

She is 4/3 years younger than my daughters, and I have no intentions of f****** her. But I enjoyed the chats.If this chat were discovered it will tear the family apart. Not even sure how I got into such a dangerous zone.Such is not a conversation to have with a daughter. In that tribe's culture my brother's kids are either my sons or daughters,not nieces and nephews.

Jul 10, 2017

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  • Oh hello my niece how are you? Oh here is some money for rent, and by the way, how big are your t***?

    People have very vivid imaginations, don't they.

  • Dumbass, you could've stated your niece in the title, it would've been simpler. But no, you don't want simple - your confession title is trying to entice people, to read your fictional garbage!

    And yes, I didn't read your s***, I read the title and thought "not another child seeking attention"

  • You so stupid I can't believe some woman would give birth to a pile of s*** and call it a person.

  • Do not chat anymore with her. do not send or call. nothing that would proof anything. instead just go and f*** her brains out.

  • Enjoy it.

  • Stop perving on her and pull yourself together. You might think that you are being cool, but in reality she thinks you are an idiot who is easily manipulated. She does not view you as a friend or as a part of her peer group. She sees you as an old loser who has some money, along with an old, small, shriveled d*** in your hand when you ask for pics. She is probably laughing about you to all of her friends. Maybe she'll tell her father too. I hope he does. You deserve whatever misfortune you receive. You've earned it.

  • I can't control what she does or does not do. She is an adult.

  • No, but you can control the bullll shiiiiit that you write.

  • Even if she's playing you for money..Which she is..You can have some fun with it. My brother's now-former step daughter was a pretty girl, with a hot little body on her, and also a huge flirt who loved attention. I was at their house for a gathering, and alone with her for a brief time while they ran around to pick up this and that, and get someone else.

    She and I were joking around, chatting, and she was wearing tight, short black shorts. Knew I was eyeing up her body and ass (I was), and played it up. Came to where I was sitting, turned around, and said "I have such a bubble butt..Think so?", sticking her ass in my face. Told her no, it's just very fit and works for her.

    "Touch it, poke it or something" she continued, making her ass the focus of our interaction. Figuring we were alone and why not, I did..Gave her ass a full, firm grab and grope. Felt so damn good. And I knew she liked it.

    She continued to maintain she had a bubble butt, and wanted more touching. I did a few more times, but, mindful (like crazy) of who'd show up or come back home, put a halt to it after those first few times. Told her "You do have a great ass and body, and are driving me crazy..But, they're going to be back soon and we need to stop". Her response was a teasing, you're killing me "Maybe you can see my bubble butt up closer next time, no shorts".. All fkg day, this girl drove me nuts..

  • She's playing you, dude. She wants more money. And more often.

  • I agree!

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