When my best friend spanked and caned me

It happened one yeat ago when i was 14 i was over at my best friends house as we were in the age where we were all the time together and we were studying i already understood everything as i had payed atention in class so i stopped studying and started going over my unread messages in my phone, she noticed and asked me why arent you studying and i replied i already understan everything cause unlike you i payed atention in class instead of flirting with my boyfriend, she got angry but didnt shout as she would normally do, she told me stand up and I didnt reply she stood up and she got my hair and started pulling it upwards until I stood up, she put her arm in my stomach and with her pther hand she pulled my hair down so I ended up bent over she pulled my shorts down and i was left with my thong and my sports bra I didnt realise that she was going to spank me because we are normally naked when we are together and we change of clothes or wax or showering together, but when she started spanking me in the cheeks and it started hurting I felt kind of awkward but i liked it as i couldnt do amything because she is stronger than me and was holding me down, she likes horses and owns a horse so she had one of those i dont remember the name but it is like a cane in her room and she got it and started hitting me with it in the ass and in the back, at that point I was starting to get wet so she continued caning me like 20 more
times and when she stopped she said dont you ever say that again i can do with my boyfriend whatever i want even if it is in class so i stood up with my shorts below my knees and she noticed that I was wet because the thong was wet she asked me did you pee yourself and i replied no, you spanking me turned me on, that night we were watching a film and she went to get something from the front of the bed and ended up with her ass towards me, i reached for her pants and teared them and she wasnt wearing any underwear, I took of her t shirt revealing her nice round t*** which i had never seen that close before and i got her by the throat whilr she was laid down completely naked, i was very wet at that moment and she was also starting to get wet so i got her hair and pulled her to the side of the bed so she was in the same position she had put me and i got her cane and started caning her, she was kind of moaning every time I caned her i did it until the marks from the cane stayed in her round ass and layed down on the bed, she alsow layes down and got ger phone, we were both really wet and she got her phone out and looked for something i didnt know what it was but she did something and her phone screen appeared on the tv and she was in a gay p*** website she put a video with two really hot guys and started masturbating, I also started and she had an o***** i continued masturbating for like 10 more seconds and also had a o***** since then we have started watching some bdsm videos to use as inspiration and have donde more things, if you want more stories or have any questions comment and i will answer

Jul 10, 2017

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  • You two should try fingering each other's a****

  • Add me to Snapchat I'd love to see andyc2104

  • How did things go further?
    Did you two play with your bfs too?

  • We continued spanking eqch other and tried different things like nipple clamps and flogging and slapping but we have never gone as far as being lesbian and masturbatinf each other or kissing, we also sometimes have s** with our boyfriends but we have agreed to not tell them about what we do when we are together since that time we have also stopped using the cane as it really left marks and we didnt want our boyfriends to notice or when we were in a bikini it really stood out

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