All these ponderings

I've been going around hating on God... Lately especially. I need to remember that the energy that comes through me is positive and negative. There is no real fate as we imagine. Fate is an illustration that it's actually God's will. God orchestrated your life, and all the choices we make up to this point, have been through him.
I've lived through other people and like seeing through their looking glass, I was given a glimpse into the future.
A person who might care so much, to risk and lose everything just to be with ME??
If I had made all the other choices I could have up to this point, it wouldn't of led me to "him". That free will that is God's gift to us a tenuously fragile one.
We make impactive choices every day. Do I kill this fly, this bug, this plant. We all have energy that pulses through our body....we have consciousness. Other organisms have consciousness too.
What are we going to do with it??

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  • Maybe it's just me but I happen to, (I believe) understand better where your coming from than these other two.

    Oddly enough I have wrote my own version of this somewhere within the last two years that'd blow your mind on its parralel similarity.

  • You are wrong. .you have no clue. Good luck with your delusions

  • You only have free will from your perspective if you had a strong enough computer and understood all factors you could predict exactly what would happen to you. Falling for the whole god bit is like thinking magicians do real magic or wwe is real wrestling. f*** just google science mabye. quit pretending like you understand the universe.......

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