I am sick of the rioting of these violent Negros. They simply don't want to take responsibilities for their choices. We all have choices. If you made poor choices and your life is s***, that is on you. I struggle and live paycheck to paycheck. Go to school, get an education. Can't afford it? Go into the Armed Forces and work your way through. You can do anything in this country if you are willing to pay the price and earn your way through. We all have the same basic choices. You need to have a plan for your life. If you didn't plan, then don't blame me for your lot in life.
Quit being violent and angry all the time. Who the h*** wants that? You have to EARN respect, you can't demand it.

Sep 9, 2020

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  • The answer, as usual, is somewhere in between the extremes of racism and SJW-ism (that's a word now, shut up). But neither side will even begin to see that, so hey let's do this tired fvcking dance again and again and again and again and again and again and again...................................

    Weary of all you fucktards. Think I'll take a page from the MAGAt playbook and start driving through crowds. There are far more idiots in the world than intelligent people, I'll be doing society a favor!

  • This is blatant racism. I won't try to argue with you.
    But do some research on systemic racism before you make ignorant comments like this, honestly.

  • Yeah yeah, play the "racism" card, it's expected. So is your complete inability to hear a non-black person say "hey, we've got struggles too, maybe pull your pants up and take some personal responsibility". As long as people keep screeching at each other and making this literally a black and white issue, you're just gonna keep sitting on that merry go round wailing the "R" word every other minute. It isn't having an effect, because you're trying to cancel culture non-black people's experiences. Dumbshit.

  • You're part of the problem, not part of the solution. And what's extremely demoralising is, "You probably don't know why!"

  • It won't stop until they get every white person out of there jobs lazy c**** want everything for free

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