Just want this off my chest

Not really a confession, i just need to put this in writing somewhere. I don't know if I'm coming or going I feel everything and nothing.
My relationship with my other half ended today, I've had a couple relationships before and know over time I'll get over it. But this time there's a child involved, he's 4 and the reason I live. I love him more than I can describe in words. I feel I've let him down.
It wasn't me who ended the relationship and therefore I have no way of making things right.
I feel so alone and helpless.

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  • You need to go see a good therapist and becareful who you see because most of them a dodgy and I am just sounding like a rant but therapy can help but they also can p**** you up more.
    why feel guilty? its not the first marriage breakdown to happen.

    psychologists are saying now you shouldn't as a woman think of marriage or pregnancy and babies until you find someone you want to share the rest of your life with and are compatible the most with. and in between you have flings. to me this like a propaganda of the Lesbian q**** agenda but I am surprised how many therapists are doing this and basically saying "well you as a woman are weird for wanting a baby unless you find this perfect compatible man, and you shouldn't want a baby or marriage in between and especially when most people phucking and having kids and marrying don't stop to think they just go do. leave the s*** for someone else to clean up. I get sick of the propaganda abuse of therapists and think they are overpaid and what value do they really give? do you really need a therapist with honours degrees and 3 degrees over a basic common sense real life counsellor who looks at real life over text book editions of life that are not compatible to most humans life.

    I wish counsellors were more sort after for common sense which is not so common anymore.

  • Know what I'm sick of? People who automatically assume the OP is a woman! What the f*** is wrong with you people? No where in the OPs post did they say they were a WOMAN.

  • Just continue to be a good mother and work hard. something good will come your way don't worry. If your partner left you it's up to him to make it right. If he doesn't then to heck with it. It's not your fault and do not worry about something you can't help.

  • Kind of sexist don't you think? I mean the OP never said if they were the woman or the man, but you automatically assume it's the man who left and needs to make things right. The OP very well could be the man and the woman left, or they could be same s**.

  • This is OP.
    I am a man. She's left me.
    Thank you for the advice though.

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