My GF lied to me for a year.

Like the title says, I have been lied to, but not over what you might be thinking, I wasn't cheated on. But in retrospect I think I would had preferred that because we could either work through it, sometimes s** is just s**, or we would have split up.
Now I love her and have since we met inn 1990 but we we not together until 5 years ago. We moved in together but fell on hard times and had to get separate places and she had to put her whole apartment in storage basically with a few of my things. I had just found out 6 days ago that she let payments lapse on the unit and it went up for auction...a year ago!
Before that I had offered to help make payments and she refused saying 'not going to make you pay for it because you have 2 boxes in there.' How I found out that all this had happened, on Monday some random stranger found and bought her journals at a flea market from when she was a kid and tracked her down to give them back. My girl was so happy that she posted the news on Facebook and tagged me, since I was in the books often since that was the time we had first met.
I asked 'wonder they were for all these years?' since I assumed it might have been in the attic of her old home from when she was a kid but she said 'from the unit, the only storage she has ever had'.
I became mad instantly since I was thinking about all of her son's firsts were gone, like report cards or drawings and such, then as I let it settle in, it hit me that the only heirlooms from MY Mother, she died 22 years ago, were in there as well. Pictures, so few of them with her and my brother. The letters she had written us before she got too sick from the cancer and even her obituary. LIVID. I was boiling over and so happy that we don't live together anymore because I really don't know how I would react to her face to face at that time.
Saw her today for her family function, which I had promised to weeks ago, but kept my distance and put on a brave face for everyone else so they do not know all of our business. Her and I have not talked about it besides on how mad I am but I will be honest, this changes the whole dynamic of my relationship with her. Not sure if I can move beyond this.

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  • You have every right to be angry. I totally get it! I'd be p***** too. It was very irresponsible for her to not pay the storage fees and inconsiderate and insensitive of her to never have told you. Has she even apologized? It doesn't sound like this was done to deliberately hurt you. The question is how do you move from this? Since it's been over a year, it may be difficult to even find out who purchased your items or where they ended up. If your brother is around, maybe you can see if he has any mementos. Or even contact other family members. Even if they don't have physical items, sometimes hearing a story about a loved one who has passed is just as special. It won't replace the items. Your mom lives in your heart and memories. If the relationship with your girlfriend is worth saving, consider talking to her. And then make some new memories together.

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