Contemplate the advantages and disadvantages of having a child/children, before making that decision to have them. Having a child shouldn't be an easy decision, it shouldn't be taken lightly. It's not similar to deciding, on what meal to have or what type of holiday to go on, it's a life changing decision.

Some people need to think carefully and sensibly, before becoming a parent.
This confession is for individuals who are contemplating having children, it's not targeted at audiences, who didn't have a choice in the decision whether or not to have children.

A person doesn't choose to be born into this world. So do right by that innocent child, when he or she is born - love, cherish, nurture, teach, protect, respect and value your child/children, they're part of you.

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  • The mental storms for the stupid and idol. what great worries compare to the trauma of illness, poverty and assault. why should anyone care how you feel or what you need when so many others needs are greater and suffering.

  • Illness, poverty and assualt are some of the things people should consider before they cause any human human to exist. Even the most prepared can have children who suffer, but if potential parents are poor, ignorant, or mentally ill, they only compound the chances of having an unhappy or destructive child. My parents were all three, and I've made sure I didn't continue the cycle by having children myself.

  • Your nihilism is petty.

  • Your willful stupidity is revolting, and should be punishable by sterilization.

  • My point exactly :)

  • Good point :)

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