How do I deal with my insecurities

My fiancée confessed to me last week that she is bicurious, at first I was a bit shocked but then thought how kinky it was. Now I have a feeling of dread that maybe she will leave me for a woman.
I have told her how I feel and that I don't want her to stop as I don't want to make her feel resentful.
I love her with all my heart and she says that if this does happen then it would only be one time meets for her. She says she loves me and I do believe her, but if I lost her it would destroy me

Jul 27, 2017

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  • I'm a mature bi woman and my husband is happy for me to have lesbian affairs. I have had my current girlfriend for 3yrs, we let him f*** her as well once a month. 20yrs of marriage works for us

  • Thank you x

  • My wife divorced me after two kids after she proclaimed she was a lesbian (in reality she was just bi). She had a gf for a couple of years, but then started dating and married some black guy, which lasted maybe two years. She wrecked our family and probably his too.

    Don't marry her yet. Please don't. Wait until you get a better handle on how she wants to handle her sexuality. Maybe she will be faithful, but maybe she will spreading the legs for everything she sees, once she starts "getting in touch" with her so-called true being.

  • It appears your wife was honest with you and ended your marriage, because she needed to explore her sexuality. What actions she took after separating from you, was none of your concern, as it was her personal business and not yours, you were both no longer in a relationship - so why act like she cheated on you? It's because you're still in love with her, that's why you seem bitter, which is fair enough.

    But you don't need to use derogatory terms because of your bitterness such as "She maybe faithful or she may be spreading her legs, for everyone she sees" Don't be so crass and disrespectful towards this person's fiancée, when really you're deflecting and using the term for your ex wife!

    Move on for your children's sake and don't use your children as ammunition towards your wife, because you aren't together anymore and blame her for that reason!

  • Ex wife

  • Take a hike in my experience bi,s are untrustworthy

  • Everyone are individual beings, regardless of their sexuality.

  • Don't worry. I am a bisexual guy and I have been married to a wonderful woman for 15 years. Telling her about my sexuality was a good thing.

  • That was your situation, everyone is different and therefore handle/deal with things differently.

  • Do not get married to her , she is not ready for a committed relationship. If she she wants to explore that's fine and she should do what she needs to but it also shows she is confused about her sexuality and is not ready for marriage. A very good friend of mine got married , had children then ten years into the marriage came out as gay. He confessed to always being bi curious and after years of suppressing those feelings tried it one night . He found it was what he needed . It destroyed his wife . My advise is to let her go until she is sure of who she is and what she wants. Ten years done the road it could get messy.

  • Pipe her right

  • It's not a pipe she wants, but a plunger.

  • Don't know what you mean by pipe

  • Maybe she's low key a lesbian

  • She's just curious. On a scale of 1 to 10 she's says she rates 1 to 2 in curiosity.

  • It must be more than 1 - 2, because she's mentioned it to you, that implies to me that she wants to do something about her curiosity and she asking your permission, without directly asking you. I think it's more like 9 - 10. If it's actually 1 - 2, I don't think she would've mentioned, she would've kept it to herself.

  • I see a 3-way in your future.

  • Nope she says she couldn't handle me f*** another girl

  • It's not about you f****** the other girl, it's about your fiancée wanting to f*** another girl, whilst you watch and take turns f****** your girl aswell. The freeway isn't for your benefit really, it's to ease your partners curiosity without you getting upset about it, by being the third party.

  • Three-way, not freeway

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