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My dad married his new girlfriend and she is now living with us. I should be like most teenage boys and hate her, but I dont. I actually want to f*** her. She is so hot and she is about ten years younger than my dad. I sometimes go through the hamper and get out her dirty bra and panties to sniff. She smells so good like sweet candy. I want to "accident" walk in on her in the shower, but I have not worked up the nerve to do it yet. I know this is wrong, good god this woman is hot. I read stories about how stepmoms come on to their stepsons and have s** with them. I think that maybe one day this would happen to me, but the reality of it happening is unlikely. I need to figure out a way to get a nude pic of her without anyone knowing. I'm just not sure how though.

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  • She has to take one on her own with her own camera. don't hide one.

  • She would know something was wrong or out of place if I put a camera in the bathroom. I did get a pic down her shirt the other day though. She had on a low cut shirt and she was sitting on the couch. I came up behind the couch and started talking to her, but she never turned to look at me. As i looked down I realized I had the perfect view down her shirt. Pic taken. No nips, but still good.

  • Hide a camera and a recorder. place the recorder under the bed and the camera hide it in the ceiling. or you can be one real badass and just study her, evaluate how she is and try to get in her mind. is not that difficult. everyone loves to do something forbidden just make it look like is her idea. and then fuckher good.

  • Get a hidden camera/nanny cam and hide it in a good spot in her bathroom. That's how I got a video of my cousin in the shower. ;)

    Good luck!

  • Why not install a secret camera in their bedroom or bathroom

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