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I am an 18 year old mixed girl. Heavy set. Nothing to look at. I recently started hanging out with my old middle school friend again . She means the world to me. She's everything you want in a friend and more. But things turned for the worse when I started to hang around her dad more. I was required to be in the car with him because he takes me to go see her. He will pick me up at 3pm and we'd be alone together all day to 8-10pm. We talk about everything. Our lives ,our goals.. What we want and what we need. He'd talk about his wife and how she's really no good and a goldigging Bitch. Let me tell you, he's 54. I turned 18 in March. Being a teenager my hormones are raging and I could catch feelings for a piece of paper. I'm in a 4 year relationship. I love him. Id do anything for him. But there's just something about her dad that just drives me crazy. He's so sweet and god he's f****** hot. He tells me how beautiful I am and if I was older he'd get with me in a heart beat. Just yesterday I got drunk before I saw him. And said some pretty raunchy things and I leaned over while he was driving and wrapped my arms around him and he just pet the back of my head for awhile. This Is F****** TABOO. ! I CANT TALK TO ANYONE ABOUT IT. my whole life is at stake. Friendships and relationships. But I'm going to do it. I'm going to. I'm sorry everyone that I might hurt .


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  • Do it.

  • You need to go after him, big time. Don't let him get away from you, and DO NOT LET ANOTHER GIRL GET HIM!!

  • I hope you have already begun this relationship by now, and are happier than you have ever been. He obviously cares deeply about you, and he is probably aching to please you regularly and often. Sex is the next logical step in the relationship and I say GO FOR IT! It will be the best thing you ever do. And it will be the best thing for him, too. Please don't hold back. Give him everything. Do everything he tells you. Everything. Enjoy your man.

  • Well, he just pet the back of your head... try to avoid having s** with him, if you can. You are right, if it gets out a lot of folks you care about will be hurt.

    I understand all about raging hormones. And I believe that he is sincere when he says you are beautiful. It would probably be a mistake to take things any further.

    good luck

  • For starters, you have to realize that you will be nothing more than a side f*** to him. If you are ok with that and you can assure yourself that you will never want more than just s**, then I say go for it. F*** and have fun because you only live once. It is relationships like this that will allow you to just have raw untethered s** and get as kinky as you want without being judged. Take his c*** in every position you can, and as hard as he can give it to you. It will be the best f****** you will ever have in your life.

  • Why are you alone with this man for so many hours? I mean where is your friend this whole time? and where is his wife? I suppose you both could be driving to see her in another state, but why the two hour variation in arrival time? I'm not saying it didn't happen, I'm just saying you left out some details.

  • Honey give him b******* then have discrete s** with him he probably treat you like a queen

  • Go with the flow let him f*** you nobody needs to know

  • Suck his d*** in the car. Please do it. You will change his life

  • Please don't do this thing. You will totally regret it. FOREVER.

  • GFY, you slutty pig!

  • Wrong move. He's your friend's father, married and 54. You're already in a committed relationship and only 18. Don't be foolish and immature! Think op, think rationally if you can!

    You're no longer a friend to your friend, because if you was, you wouldn't try to hit on her father! You're a bad girlfriend to your partner of 4 years, because you're emotionally cheating on him and about to physically cheat on him aswell, if this old guy takes you up on your advances! You should end your friendship and your relationship!

    Your friend's husband is married and an old f***, so what the f*** are you doing!! It doesn't matter if he appears to be in a unhappy relationship, that doesn't condone him cheating and you wanting to f*** him! To be honest he's being a disrespectful husband, bad mouthing his wife to a child like you and bad mouthing your friend's mother to you. If he can do that, what does that say about his character?! It doesn't seem endearing now, does it?!

    Don't be stupid now.

  • Did you do it?

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