I've slept with three of my wife's friends

My wife has some very pretty friends who I've developed crushes with over the years. Knowledge about these women's personal life from my wife, Social media and alcohol have been tools that I've used to get them easily into bed.
The first one is married but not happy and she is a flirt. She dresses very sexy and is always very affectionate when I see her and give me tight hugs and lots of kisses. She's always excited to see me and always makes sure to joke with me and be close to me when we are out. I've noticed her slight flirtations to me and others, and I know her weaknesses from what my wife tells me. I know she is looking to cheat based on my wife's comments about her. My wife was out of town visiting her family and Her friend I saw on social media that she was out drinking at a bar. She posted pics of herself with some other women at a bar. I drove to bar and walked right up to her and acted like I just stopped by for a drink since my wife is out of town and I was all alone. I flirted with her a lot and kept buying her shots and the flirtation between us got more intense to the point we were kissing at the bar and intertwined. She made the first "s**" move when she put her hand on my crotch and gave me a squeeze as she tongued my ear. I easily took her to my truck and had s** with her in the backseat and came in her. I know what birth control she's on thanks to my wife and I know she hasn't cheated on her husband yet thanks to my wife so I figured no condom was safe. We never talked about it again and she hasn't said anything.
Second friend is a very pretty blonde who has been married twice but now single. She has really nice b****** and a nice butt and nice legs. I've always liked her and she's always been a little flirtatious with me, hugging for a little too long, brief friendly kisses on the lips when we see each other and the wife isn't looking, or pressing her body against mine when we hug, and a dance here and there. Normal flirty friend stuff. I know she sleeps around a lot, thanks to my wife, I know how many guys she's slept with in her life, over 40 guys, I know she had her tubes tied, I know she's easy. Again, saw she was at a club on social media, again wife was out of town, again I walked in and found my prey. She was tipsy and very excited to see me, we danced a lot and she pressed her behind to my crotch a lot while dancing, and again I ended up making out with another one of my wife's friends. I driver her home to her apartment, she invited me in, she said we shouldn't and I agreed but didn't stop and she gave me a blow and we had s**. I spent the night and we had s** again in the morning. I stopped by and we had s** again the next night I wore a condom, she's a risk.
Third one, really cute petite younger woman, 12 years younger, divorced, small b******, cute butt, tightest v***** ever. She's a teacher, looking for a man with means to support her and her son since her husband ran off. She's slept around a little, she's on birth control. I saw where she frequents lunch on social media, I made it a point to "run into her". I did, we had lunch and met again at another place that I suggested, I paid, I flaunted my money and talked up my career and threw in a few jabs that my wife doesn't appreciate all she has, told her she was beautiful and smart and sexy and funny and I'd surprise her with small gifts whenever we met for lunch which was about twice a week, I had a really crush on her now, and I made the first move when I kissed her during a walk in the park. That kiss lasted a long time and we had make out sessions from then on, until I asked her to stand in as my guest for a business dinner and drinks meeting, told her to dress really nice. She did and afterward I driver her home and we made love. She was so beautiful and she was very orgasmic. The others weren't. They just got boned but this one I made love to her. I went down on her and made love to her. We had an affair for about 6 months, and we did everything a couple can do together. My favorites were bj or a quickie during lunch before I went back to work or the early morning s** before work. We had only a few nights alone, and she gave herself to me fully. A***, oral, she was amazing. The smallest v***** I've ever had and the tightest. And she had o****** so easily. I started really loving her. And she broke it off because she knew the mess we had made.
My wife doesn't know, but three of her friends know. Not of each other though. I still really love that last one. When I'm doing my wife's big loose v***** I think about that younger prettier small tiny tight v***** that I enjoyed so much.

Aug 9, 2017

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  • Were do you live as i would love to go see your wife and give her a good f*** and explode all my c** inside her

  • Your wife might've f***** her friend's aswell. No big deal. What goes around, comes around.

  • So which one gave you the best f***?

  • You, my man, are a w****.

  • Look, being wed for 30 years, my carnal resume regarding extramarital sexual relations far exceeds yours, however that is my foundation for advice here. It appears that you know how to manage these affairs & be covert, which is the key of course. I entirely comprehend that 'in love' concept & the huge attachment you feel with the younger, petite woman. I've been there a couple times. The main concept that bothers me here is these gals all being close enough to share their personal lives with each other. The first theme that came to mind was them scheming & being "plants". Just be thankful your spouse isn't suspect, or it might be she is acting too. Anymore, one doesn't ever know until the bomb drops.

  • How do you know, your wife doesn't know about the affairs you've had? Sometimes spouses know and they don't say anything, for numerous reasons. And your wife could've f***** other people on the side aswell.

    I don't condone cheating and anyone that cheats is disgusting. It doesn't matter if you've been in a relationship for 30 plus years or not, when you make a commitment to someone to be faithful and so forth, you do it. It's as simple as that.

    If someone is bored, unhappy and so forth in their relationship, you discuss you address your feelings with your partner, you don't use cheating as a solution, without even trying to discuss your feelings with your partner. Fair enough if you had an agreement to have an "open marriage" from the start, but if you didn't, don't cheat. Discuss things.

  • Those friends of hers are in different circles, no real chance that they'd talk to each other. The one I really fell for is a former coworker and doesn't work with my wife anymore, they used to be close.
    I really don't care if my wife finds out and leaves me, it would set me free from her. I'm just waiting for the right time to go. I have not been happy for years.
    I was pretty cunning in gathering info about them and using my knowledge to my advantage with them, but all three readily jumped at the chance to steal away a friends husband of even for a night or two or six months. I'm a j*** I know.

  • Lol you're foolish. The same way you're cheating on your wife, your wife could be doing the same thing. Don't be surprised if she's tasted and ridden a younger stud or even f***** her own friends and yours.

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