Being too scared to tell

A lot of things go on in school especially high school and the weaker students are too scared to tell. Often when a larger boy hits or robs, shoves, spits on the victim knows that nothing will be done and telling only makes it worse.

One night some kids disguised themselves in masks and spray painted obscenities on the sidewalk and walls of the school. They dumped a bucket of white paint on the black asphalt behind the building and overall made a hard to clean up the mess. In fact, the asphalt was never completely cleaned up and it was still there when I graduated. The word f*** and s*** was everywhere as were epithets such as N***** go home and things like that.

A reward of $1000.00 was made and I knew exactly who did it. They were part of a gang that terrorized the neighborhood and if I had told on them and if they had found out I might be dead.

I overheard them bragging about it a few days later. One of them wore a coat that had paint spilled on it.

I didn't collect my one thousand dollars. No one ever said a word although a lot of people knew about it and who did it.

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  • When I was in high school I was bullied by the queen bee. I was a loner. To this day I don't know why it was I had no friends. One day the queen bee sat beside me. Then again another day. Then she started putting her hand on my leg and up under my skirt. Soon it was obvious if I let her do things to me then I was 'in'. I was lonely and now I was part of the 'in' group. So I let it happen.

    If I tried to resist, I was frozen out. I like some other girls were basically to do her bidding. This included fingering other girls and submitting to whatever orders she gave.

  • Once i wore pants. The bee told me to go to Lost property and get a skirt or I was out. I just did what she said.

    Sometimes I and one of the other girls she controlled had to perform s** acts on each other

  • Just curious: did you ever find yourself enjoying the s** acts on the bee or on that other girl? When I was getting bullied, sometimes the s** itself actually felt good, and if the other girl or girls were really getting into it, I could too. I have to admit that, even though she was a b****, my bee was really pretty skilled. How about for you?

  • You were lucky. I gave it up to the Bee every day (multiple times, and sometimes in front of other girls) for a month and then she dumped me anyway, froze me out, made me a laughingstock. At first, she told other girls how good I could eat her p****, but then after she dropped me, she told them that all I ever wanted to do was rim her and eat her ass. So they all called me "s*** swallower".

  • Even though I was a senior in high school I got bullied by a group of freshman girls. After like 2 months of torture their leader said she would make them stop if I started being her girlfriend on the DL so I did it and they stopped pushing me around. It was kind of sweet and innocent at first and she was soooooo nice and loving but then she started making me do all this weird freaky and perverted s***. After a few weeks of that she told me she had vids of the filthy things I had been doing and said she would start showing them to the whole school on the big monitors unless I started servicing all the girls in the group. I had no choice. So I did it all the way to graduation and they kept doing sicker and sicker and sicker s*** to me the whole time. Sometimes it was one-on-one but sometimes it was in groups. I was a senior and they were all freshmen and they still s**-bullied me. And then even though I had planned to go to college in that same city I went to another college out of town to get away. It was the worst part of my life.

  • Same sort of thing for me. I got dared to do this particular guy, so I did him, then they all made fun of me. ALL of those b******. I still hate them for that and it happened 3 YEARS ago.

  • You will hate them your whole life. If you live another 100 years there will be times when you remember and you will still hate them.

  • Thanks for being kind, and for understanding, and for being sympathetic. You have obviously dealt with the same humiliation and pain. I feel for you, too, friend. I know it's wrong -- I KNOW IT'S WRONG -- but there are days when I want reeeeeeally bad things to happen to all of them.

  • I made the mistake of actually falling in love with the bee. at the beginning i was just going along to get inside the group. but then she seemed to start really liking me and treating me better than the other girls so i got pulled deeper into her clutches. and then we started making love every day not just on weekends or at parties. i let her do some awful fetish things to me and it was all because i was falling in love with her. then when i actually told it to her how i felt she bombed me. and then she humiliated me. i had to change my school. the sickest thing of all? i mean really depraved and messed up? its been over 5yrs.......and i'm still in love with her.

  • Not worth the retaliation, besides, you'll be able to drive by these losers walking to the local stores to get their pack of smokes in their 20s and 30s because they are stupid and weak. Really strong people don't attack people for no reason

  • Some people are nothing more than two legged animals. Be glad you're better than them. You don't need the reward money.

  • did the right thing......its not worth getting dead over..........

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