In an all black neighborhood this happened

Someone painted swastikas, KKK, N*****, etc all over the school. The police determined it wasn't whites but black kids playing a prank. The paint soaked into the asphalt and the walls of the school and it took a lot of money to remove the vandalism.

The walkway was black asphalt and there was no way other than removing the asphalt and laying down another walk area.

Mar 22

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  • Why does the race of the people who did it matter?. It's vandalism. It's the act that's wrong. It doesn't become more or less wrong because of the description of the vandals.

  • You can't look at this as being a black and white thing. What the h*** with those kids thinking. How could they even think that was a prank blame it on somebody else, the white scapegoat. Boohoo the white MAN IS HOLDING US DOWN. DOESN'T MATTER WHAT COLOR YOU ARE IF YOU WANT SOMETHING IN YOUR LIFE,WORK FOR IT,DON'T EXPECT SOME AFFIRMATIVE ACTION TO GIVE IT TO YOU AND THAT'S FOR EVERYBODY BLACK WHITE HISPANIC CHINESE WHATEVER.

  • Bunch of sick f****** b lack chirrenzes. Catch them all and beat them into the ground.

  • Yep no excuse for Negroes to behave that way. None whatsoever!! Beatings for everybody and they parents TOO!! beat beat beat beat beat beat beat beat beat beat beat beat beat beat DOWN!!!!!!

  • To call them kids negroes is extremely racist. Why don't you just use the word that you really want too. Racist piece of s***. Its people like you that keep this racist s*** going,making us white boys look bad,they're going to take away your KKK card.

  • Spanish Word: negro
    The Spanish Word for black

  • Something like that would have made national news! Top of the line banner. We would have all seen it! So that is BS.
    Why would you be that stupid to post hatred like that.
    Also a turbo blaster on a pressure washer would remove any paint on the asphalt. The asphalt also could have been recovered with a tar surface. There is specialized equipment to remove graffiti from all surfaces.
    Don't be and idiot and spread hatred.

  • Why in the H*** do you think a stupid teenage prank would make national news? An incident like that is a flash in the pan compared to what else is going on in the world. Everything I posted happened. It happened in Stone Mountain GA 90's I believe. I didn't mark it on my calendar. I myself would not have know it happened if a black lady coworker had not told me.

  • It's not BS this happened in Stone Mountain GA back in the 90's.

  • Oh for the love of God! You back you this story with that BULLSHIT that it happened in the 90's!

  • Beat that sick ass biotch!!!

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