I vandalized a school

I had been sent to the office for some minor thing and I was given a sound cussing out and a warning by the principal. I had thrown a wad of paper at the trashcan and missed. I got up and threw it in the trashcan but the teacher was p***** off.

I was in seventh grade and this was the first time I had ever been sent to the principal and thats the only reason I didn't get a paddling.

I was mad. I didn't mean to disrupt the class and I had gone from first grade to seventh and until this one small thing I had never given the teacher a moments grief.

Ok the school term ended and the summer break began. I was still very angry.

School was about to start again when I decided to get a bit of revenge. My parents went to a party and I decided that that was the time to do something.

I got my slingshot and fired a rock through the school window. As luck would have it there was a can of paint nearby on the school yard.

I poured the paint through the hole and until now twenty years later I have never told anyone about it.

I wasn't going to the grammar school anymore so I'm not sure exactly what happened when they saw the damage but I heard on the grapevine that the principal had put up a $100.00 reward for any information as to who had done that.

I never told anyone until now.

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  • Wow, you must feel better to have purged this from your memory bank. Maybe there's more that you need to confess? Therapy might be right for you.

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