I forgave him for slapping me

Okay here we go.

This is the story of how my boyfriend hit me and I forgave him.
We've dated for about a year, we've confessed how we love each other and we live together. He's witty, dorkish, smart, sweet and smitten with me. Whenever we make love he cherishes me, constantly compliments me. We've had our fair share of fights but it was all because of lack of communication, a problem i am still working on. He can get very angry, throw something to the ground (never at me) but blame me for it. Rarely though.
The other night, my friend was throwing a fancy party. The thing is, this "friend" always makes me feel insecure, worthless, small, and I always need to prove her wrong and show off whatever. My boyfriend was gonna be out of town but I could NOT go alone! I have two best best friends, one of which is a male. Bradley 'let's pretend that's my bf's name' always has accepted our close friendship but I've come to notice signs of tiny jealousy, apparently he confronted my best friend and insulted him. Anyways so I took my bestie to the party looking gorgeous and all, and later Bradley came to pick me up, seeing me and him walk out; he was obviously upset. I didn't tell him k was with my guy bestie.
The drive home was silent, but as soon as we got in he was furious
"Are you in love with him?!"
I remember my immediate shock, I did t register for a few seconds, I remember how it went exactly:
"Of course not!"
He rolled his eyes "you two are together all the time, you talk about him all the time"
"He's my best friend"
"But you love him!"
"You're f****** crazy!"
Then he slapped me across the face. I staggered back, hand to my stinging cheek, looking him in the eye "what the h*** was that?!" He apologized but i yelled at him again. He raised his hands as he said "you were with another man, Callie, you dressed up for another man, I felt betrayed! I understand your friendship but after a while I got... Jealous."
I fumed " slap your girlfriend in the damn face jealous?"
He looked down. "Yeah."
I got so upset! I told him that I loved him, only him, and I had only eyes for him, no one else. That he was my world.
He looked up at me, with like, puppy eyes and said "so you don't love him"
I softened, I recognized my boyfriend again. "No I don't."
He scoffed at himself " so I slapped you for a fake reason. You must think I'm a freak and hate me." He pouted. I swear he was gonna cry. I got closer to him, feeling bad about what id done, I was thinking 'I'm so horrible I made him so angry that he slapped me.' I looked him in the eye.
"No, it's okay it's my fault, I should have told you, not kept it from you, it's my fault, do you forgive me?"
His pouting was gone. He smiled a little and cupped my cheek- the one he hit and still stung. It took my a second but i leaned into him soft Palm, Holding his hand to my cheek with my own. Kissing it softly. His other hand patted and stroked my hand, like he was taming an animal. He whispered "I forgive you"
I smiled then turned to walk away, happy that he forgave my mistake, thinking I deserved that slap, that it's was the right thing to do. He's slapped me again since then. It's always me who apologizes to him.

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  • Get out while you can. If he's done it twice, there's many more to come.

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