I made ourt with my boyfriend's rommate

I am 20 and I am in a serious relationship since 6 years. But since 5-6 months we are fighting and have many conflicts. About a month ago, when my boyfriend went home, my dad called and yelled at me for some things. I was sad and was looking for comfort. So i called my boyfriend's roommate(who is also a good friend of mine) to feel better. We were talking, One thing led to another and after an hour or two, we were making out. It was just a one time thing. I am still with my boyfriend. And i hate every second i spend with my boyfriend feeling disturbed that i cheated on him. I can't kiss him back. I feel like telling him what i did but i can't. I love him. I don't wanna lose him. But at the same time I am really freaked out to be with the same person the whole life. I spent my five years of teenage with him. I am freaking out at the thought of being with the same person forever. What do i do?

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  • I think you have to end it with your boyfriend. Not because you kissed his roommate (that hardly even registers on the infidelity scales), and not because you're now going to start dating the roommate, or anybody else, but because you've already spent all of your adulthood and virtually all your adolescence with one person who may or may not be right for you. How you end it, what you say, when you do it, are all singular choices that you'll have to decide for yourself, based on history and circumstance and personality that none of us here can know, but you must do it. You must end it. You say you love him, but you feel awkward around him. That's not because you strayed: it's because you don't want to be there. Leaving won't be easy. But it will be easier now than in another month. Or another year. It will hurt, but eventually the pain will subside.

  • Ur so cheap....I hate this gal...y u had to do that with his roommate😖😖

  • Huh?

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