Sick fantasy

I married a total Gemini woman. Sweet one day then a total B the next. I am not surprised since. I have been visiting dommes most of my adult life. I go at least one month and enjoy it so much when I am there. To get tied up traded and tortured. Wipped and degraded totally verbal and physical. I go to one that is schooled in kick boxing. She hangs me by my wrist and beats me with her hands and kicks
I love it when it happens but feel guilty afterwards.
I always had tremendous fights with my wife and she would ridicule me relentlessly till one day I realized that this is what attracted me to her. I hinted that I liked her aggressive personality and her strong will. Tried to get her to be more and gave over all my power and rights to her. She in turn told me that she is not a mistress and I am sick. But she still treats me like crap and makes me do all the chores and only cares about herself. If we have s** and she comes first., which is always it is finished. She rolls over and goes to sleep
Last week she caught me with some p*** and said I am sick and did not talk to me for days.


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  • Time to cut your losses.

  • ....dude.........dump that sack.....

  • I will never understand what people get out of being treated like crap.

  • Divorce the b. dont let her get away with never giving it up all the way.

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