The Genesis fairytale

Science has disproved Genesis and other stories in the bible but let's assume the garden of Eden story really happened.

Ok, we got two humans a man and a woman that God himself says does not know right from wrong. Everything is cool except that a tree hanging with fruit is forbidden to them. God says they can't eat this fruit.

OK, God is the genius he's supposed to allow the Serpent man Dragon to walk freely in this garden. This creature is mankind's oldest and according to the bible one of the wisest creatures in Gods creation.

There is some debate as to who the snake-man is. Some say this thing is Satan but many Jewish scholars say its a Mesopotamian deity that there in Eden walking freely with these humans.

This begs the question. Why would God allow mankind's oldest enemy to not only walk around freely but to interact and speak directly to these humans?

So lo and behold the snakey guy tells the woman to go ahead and eat from the tree because nothing will happen she eats and then Adam eats.

This event doesn't make God look smart at all. Its bad enough that a tree laden with fruit is in a prominent part of the garden but to allow Mr. Snakey to interact with Adam and Eve seems absurd.

Ok God finds out and he gets all mad and not only curses Adam and Eve with hard work he condemns the entire human race forever. In the meantime, ol Snakey loses his legs and is told that women can step on his head anytime they want to.

None of this happened but I can't understand why anyone would write this horseshit and say it really occurred.

I'll get to the Noahs Ark story later. It's a fairytale too.

Sep 9, 2017

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  • Well, with Noah's Ark, I think there was a lot more s******* going on that never got reported, some of which may have been uncouth.

  • For someone who claims disbelief, and presents antagonism, you certainly spend a lot of time thinking about this. If you don't believe, and you don't care, why bother?

  • Because it was shoved down my throat when I was a little boy.

  • It causes countless problems in the world......

  • True. Which is too bad, because it was made to cause beauty and peace. But that's what humans do, take a good think and fvck it all up. Every. Single. Time.

  • *thing. lol (but the typo isn't wrong either)

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