Genesis revisited

As an Atheist who believes in the science of evolution and abiogenesis I think the story is absurd but as a story it is interesting.

I've already written here about the absurdity of Genesis and how God would have to be crazy to allow and cause what he did but let me elaborate on some of the key issues I have with this fairytale.

OK God himself decided to create humans after his own image. He created animals too just like he created the first human. He gathered some dust together and then blew on it.

This first man is in a garden paradise with all sorts of animals all of whom have female counterparts. He complains he's lonely and then God puts him to sleep takes a rib out of him and makes a woman out of it.

They both walk around naked as jaybirds and God in his infinite wisdom lets Satan or some other evil spirit described as mankind's oldest enemy to live and talk with them. Ok, how much sense does that make? The explanations I've heard from fundys seems to go along these lines. God wanted humans to have free will. Ok if they didn't know right from wrong then quite frankly they lacked the knowledge to practice this free will.

God who knows everything sits idly by while the walking talking snake plots against the humans in full view of this kind just loving all-knowing God.

God himself has put a fruit tree in this garden and its the only tree that humans can't eat from. If they do God tells them that they would die.

OK like I said God lets the talking snake talk the woman into eating the fruit anyway telling her she wouldn't die. Gods twiddling his thumbs in the meantime possible whistling a tune as the humans proceed to damn themselves.

The woman eats and nothing happens. The woman then offers the fruit to the man and yum yum he eats this fruit. Then they realize they don't have any clothes on and they cover themselves up with fig leaves.

So why did they cover themselves up? There are tribes in Africa and South America that walk around stark bucko naked to this day. Eden sounds like a tropical jungle to me and people living in these jungles do indeed walk around naked. Why be ashamed?

God gets wind of this and does he ever get p*****. He makes better clothes for them and kicks them out of the garden saying that from now on they will have to work for a living. Me personally I'd rather work for a living than flit around naked eating off of trees anyway but that's just me.

God isn't through yet. He curses every unborn human that will ever live on the face of the planet earth or on any planet we are ever able to go to. This just because two people God himself said was innocent of the concept of right and wrong made the mistake of eating something he told them not to.

The tow humans get together and make babies some of which are good and some of which are bad. Gods still watching when Cain kills Abel again doing nothing to protect his favorite kid Abel.

Please, believers, understand that this is why we Atheists think your beliefs are absurd on their face.

Aug 26, 2018

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  • Athiest Friend,

    I am a believer, and I believe in science as well. The Bible is not a science textbook. The book of Genesis is written is a style called Prose - it is poetry.

    You probably heard that the world was created in seven literal days. I do not believe this either. In fact, the Hebrew word for day is 'Yom'. It means a period of time. It could be a literal day or thousands of years or more.

    On the sixth day (or better said, period of time), Genesis describes all the animal on the earth being made, and then Adam (or better described as the human), and then Adam would name all the animal of the earth, and then get lonely, and then Eve would be made from his rib.

    It would be complete nonsense for all of these huge events occurring in just 24 hours time. It would not explain the fossil record.

    Unfortunately, there are a large amount of believers that do not even know how to rightly study their book.

    You said that the man was formed out of the dirt, right? You can probably say that carbon is a better description - all animals were created out of this and we return to this when we die.

    Also, not talked about or understood by believers is the Serpent. The serpent represents the Devil or Satan. He probably was not in the form of an actual serpent, but the writer of Genesis (Moses) used Serpent as a metaphor to describe what he was like, cunning and deceptive. Remember the style of the writing is in prose.

    I don't have much time to explain all your questions at this time because I have to get ready for work.

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