Wife got caught naked

Just come back from a cruise we were in are cabin she had been riding me cowgirl I had just came in her when the steward opened the door to are cabin (the cabin had mirrors all over the place) my wife called out to stop him coming in but must have been able to see her totally naked on top of my with my c*** still inside her, he would have at least a great view of her ass she thinks he never saw but I know he did which really got me turned on.
He came in two other times after that I bet hoping he see more.

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  • My wife was taking a shower completly unware that xkmy friends were sitting in the livingroom. She also didn't know I intentionally left the door wide open. She was so embarrassed when she pulled the shower curtain open and saw my friends looking at her. She almost killed me when I said my friends told me "your wife has a nice p****"

  • My girl friends sucked me into playing a strip game with a bunch of guys. I ended up sitting on the floor in just my panties and then lost again. I remember I had to take them off standing on top of a table with guys telling me "spread your legs so we can see your p**** " So embarrassed I almost fell from the table.

  • I was having s** in my girl friend's apartment when her cel phone rang in the livingroom. Her sister came in rushing with the phone. I was laying on the bed face up with full h****** as she handed it to her. She just sat on the side of the bed watching her talking on the phone looking at my erection like it was the normalest thing to do. My girl friend later told me if I wanted to do her too. "She loves getting her p**** eaten out"

  • I once did drugs with a group of girls a boys from high school. I got so high I ended getting stripped and gang f*****. I didn't even remember my clothes being taked off or how many boys did me. After it wore off some of the girls told me I took my clothes off in front of everyone.

  • We mixed sleeping pills in this girls drink to knock her out. She was always flirting and bragging about having any guy she wanted. We took her clothes off and let guys walking into the room to look at her. I remember they went crazy sucking her b**** and licking her p****. !Wow! was she embarrassed when she woke and discovered she had been groped. I saw everything through the wide open door wishing it was me.

  • You do drugs with a bunch of s**** and guys and your going to get creamed. It's kind of stupid to think guys are not going to take advantage of drugged up girls. Drugs is the best way for a free f***.

  • Wish I could see a photo of you.

  • When I was in college I use to share a house with three other girl. They were out partying that night and decided to go down stairs to the kitchen for a glass of water. My mistake was doing it nanked. Went down to the kitchen, pored myself a glass of water when someone turned on the living room lights. My three girl friends had been having a romantic moment with the lights turned off with their dates and there I was, stark naked in front of them with the glass of water in my hand. Couldn't do anything but walk right passed them, back up the stairs with their dated checking me out and my girl friend laughing their heads off.

  • I took a shower at my girl friends house. She walked in to pick up my clothes and drop them in the washing machine. I never head her girl friends coming into her house. When I finished the shower she had forgotten to bring me a towel. Thinking it was just her and me, I decided to walk out and get one myself. I ended up stark naked in front of her three girl friends sitting in th living room saying "nice d***" Talk about and awkward afternoon having drinks with three girls that had just seen my d*** rapted in a towel waiting for the drier to dry my clothes.

  • I worked as a housekeeper in a hotel for a few years, and my coworkers and I would often walk in on people having s**, masturbating, naked or partially dressed, etc. We would also find different types of s** toys that were left out in the open or forgotten when a guest checked out.
    I'll bet your steward sees many of the same things, and most undoubtedly was hoping to see more.

  • My girlfriend loves to go out in short skirts with no panties on. She will find any guy to sit across from and then she will open her legs giving them a good show. She does it all the time and I keep telling her that one of these day some guy is going to rape her. She just laughs and says maybe that's what she wants.

    She let some guy finger her p**** one day when we were sitting at a red light. This guy was on his bike next to our car and she opened her legs and asked him if he wanted it. He reached in the window and finger f***** her until the light turned green.

    She also sucked off another guy one time in the park. We had gone for a walk and she started talking to this random guy. I really wasn't paying attention until I saw her drop down and unzip his pants. She reached in and pulled his d*** out and started sucking it right there with other people around. She sucked him for about 30 seconds until he shot a load in her mouth. Then she sucked his d*** clean, got up, and walked away.

    My girlfriend is fun to hang around with and the s** is awesome, but I will never stay with her. She is too big of a s*** and I can't keep up with her.

  • We were on our first Nude Cruise in 2015. The cabin boy was scared to death everytime he had to come in and service our cabin. I thought it to be hilarious.
    He never did catch us fu king though.

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