Caught with my wife’s niece

When my wife’s brother passed away his 15 year old daughter came to live with my wife and I. After a few months she started doing things to get my attention. She has a hot body, Thick ass nice size b**** and a flat stomach. She walked out the shower one day and I noticed she dropped her panties on the floor. When she walked into her room I quickly picked them. She walked out wearing short shorts and sat across from me and I could see her shaved p**** because she had nothing under. Well that same night I was laying in bed and decided to go shower so I could m********* with her panties. I got naked and already with a h****** I wrapped myself in a towel and walked towards the bathroom. I closed the door that had no lock and started j********** with her underwear wrapped around my d*** and she walked in and saw me. I stood there looking at her and she grabbed my hand and said come here. She leaned me against a wall and started giving me a hand job. She started saying, you want this daddy you want to take my clothes off. And I said yes I want you. We walked to the couch and she got naked And we kissed she layed me down and got on top of me and we began to have s**. My wife got home and saw us through the window. She walked in and started yelling at me asking her niece if I raped her and she said no that it was her fault. I kept saying I was sorry but she did want to hear me. She went to her room and after a while we talked calmly. She said this needed to stay Between us 3 And it had to stop. The next few days were kinda awkward but we ended up going to a party at a camp site. And when it got dark I went towards an abandoned cabin to smoke weed and her niece followed me over there, I tried telling her to go back but she unzipped her dress and pulled her breast out, leaned me against a tree And pulled my d*** out. She started giving me head and I couldn’t stop her anymore. I bent her over and pulled her underwear aside and f***** her hard until I came inside her. We went back to the party. When we got back home, my wife left to the store and I asked her niece to make me c** with her mouth. We wer inside her room and I had my pants down to my knees and when I was was c****** inside her mouth my wife walked in again and she saw how there was c** dripping down her mouth.


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  • I call


    This story was brought to you by

    The Minstry of Something that Never Happened

  • Lucky you. what do you eat for breakfast to stay h****?

  • You people are sick f**** somehow I doubt this even happened and if it did I highly doubt it happened as you say and it was consensual w both the niece and your wife. Both of you could go to prison for statutory rape.
    Nothing more but attention seeking.
    Or you are clearly a sick f***!

  • Dude. I think you should reconsider how you treat your niece. At her age you could go to prison for a long long time!

  • As if you should talk. Hypocrite.

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