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When my boss at work and I started having s** it was just s** harassment. I didn't really want it but he forced it on me or I would lose my job. But after he did me a few times I started liking it. And then I started loving it. And then I started needing it. Now I can't live without it. If he ever leaves his wife I will totally leave my husband the same day to be with this man. This man is ALL man. I'm glad he didn't take no for my answer.

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  • He’s f****** around on his wife? He’ll f*** around on you. Do it and get what’s coming to you filthy b****. Keep on helping him destroy his marriage along with yours. Your husband married an unfaithful cheating s*** is what he did

  • I amm soo done with these s***** confessions

  • So u guys are cheaters

  • F****** nasty disease spreading hoes, I think I figured out my wife's pattern of random so many years sprees of making herself a victim to get away from me a tender loving man who also is capable of banging the daylight out of her at the right times. This s*** thought takes the sanctity of marriage and shoots it on the ground like a load. As my wife said a day before saying I needed to be leave" need space... pfff..I got done and she says "yeah baby I hope someone steps in that s*** Mmm" I was thinking where the f*** is this coming from? 15yrs marriage 16 together and takes me to where we screwed after we got back together the second time, blai.. l.k. to have me banging her there again only to basically separate our marriage a third time after cycles this time of year. Trouble is I believe my supposed best friend is banging her, or this boss story who knows. Sounds like her in mer..r..... where we live.well her for now w our teenagers.. pfff..Never mentioned wanting a open marriage, could maybe.. saved some seperations.. tiny violin hear it t ya birch, now come get this fat cocktail again! Enough! Lol. step on my b**** yeah!!! Right, right?

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