More nonsense from the Jehovah witnesses

I was at my doctor's office in the waiting room when I saw a Jehovah Witness tract and having nothing better to do I flipped through it.

These people claim that Christ was not crucified on a cross but apparently they believe he was nailed to a torture stake. An upright pole. I got a question. Where did these people get that idea? The bible is clear when it describes his death by cross. I mean the stake would be just as bad but Roman descriptions of crucifixations in general describe a cross.

In addition to being worthless drags on any society they are part of they have resorted to nonsense skewing of facts like this.

These people will not fight for their country during times of war. If any member of this cult leaves the religion he or she is shunned for life.

There is a Jehovah Wtness church near my home and it makes me sick to see it every time I have to drive beside it.

Do not be tempted to join this evil worthless cult. Stick with the religion you were boen into unless you were unfortunant enough to be born a JW. then by all means get the H*** out of there.

The JW idea of paradise is a eternal picnic on a restored Eden like earth where you get to pet lions and tigers and bears "Oh My".

Their idea of punishment in the afterlife is non resurrection. Well I'll accept non resurrection if this is right. I'd rather be dead than live among these people for eternity.

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  • My cousins new guy looks like a JW or mormon maybe he has several wives. that don't surprise me. she so s*** she got to come down. she might have hiv aids from her on and off again relationships with so many like all the royals do.

  • You realize that "Jehovah's Witnesses" aren't actually Christian, and have never been, but from the start have been a cult centered around money?

    Your complaints and gripes are meaningless. They've always been scammers, liars and frauds. You were/are a fool to believe they were/are anything different.

  • ALL RELIGION is bullshit

  • I agree with you. It causes wars and, in the case of the catholic church, abuse of children who cannot defend themselves.

  • Religion is bullshit that comes out of the ass of humanity...

  • You're ignorant and foolish!! Just because you don't agree with someone else's religious beliefs, doesn't warrant you disrespecting that person because of it. How would you feel, if someone disrespected yours? Have some respect and human decency!! Everyone has a right to their own beliefs, who are you or anyone else to judge and decide it's wrong to be a Jehovah Witness? How do you know it's not true and how do you know, the bible is accurate? You don't, so shut the f*** up!!

  • Religous beliefs are f****** stupid and just need to go

  • I personally don't belong to any religious doctrine. Each to their own :-)

  • So you are telling me what I should believe or not believe?

  • Believe what you want, it's your choice. But have respect for other people's beliefs, even if you don't personally believe in some religions. Why disrespect those, that have a different faith to your own?! x

  • So what exactly are you confessing here?

  • Ignorance and immaturity

  • Lola good question!

  • Why so much hate on the witnesses. What about Scientology's, Moroms, Buddhism, Catholicism and sixty others have their own skew on things, don't serve in military, yada yada. Probably less criminal activity derives from these sects than 'thumping Christians. For the most part they practice what Jesus preached. They spread the Word of God. Who's word are spreading.

  • The other religions fight for their country in times of war. I hate pacifists.

  • I'm spreading the word of common sense. I spread the word against cultism. I spread the word about patriotism.

  • You're spreading the word of your stupidity, nothing more!! Ignorance can't fight ignorance!!

  • If you want some respect for your religion, what about respecting Christianism and other religions by not bothering them with your stupid ideas door to door? Respect us and you will be respected, isn´t this fair enough?

  • This article is a little over the top angry. Im not a JW but they think theyre doing the right thing. I personally think they're wrong but something else is going on with 'anonymous' ( that's a surprise!) here.

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