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I'm just tired, and sad, Let me tell all of you, doing the right thing, doing the good thing, it drains you bit by bit. I know its going to be hard in life for many of you to do what you'd like to, just remember, If you do only the socially and morally acceptable things, well, have fun being me. All of you who are crying for relationships, give it a rest, make friends, date around, make art, or write, or travel, see things!
Those of you who want to force everyone else into your little moral ways, leave people alone, not everyone in life wants to be unhappy, just food for thought.

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  • ^ No I think she's saying she's a preppy little prissy b**** who doesnt put out enough. If you wanna be cool go out drink smoke and have promiscuous s** with a couple guys a night. that should do the trick.

    Rack the Jipper

  • ^ I think she is saying she has spent her whole life doing the right thing all the time and she's getting tired of it.
    OP I agree, people do pressure other people to live with their moral rules, whether you'd like to do it or not. Remember though, you need to live your own life and do what you want, no matter what other people think, in the end, its your life and if you let other people control it all the time, well you have no one to blame but yourself.

  • Sorry I wrote the wrong comment down. Actually I don't even understand what you are talking about. LOL


  • She sounds like a smart girl


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